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Axoio LionFtp Pro 2006

Axoio LionFtp Pro 2006
Version: 1.1,51010

LionFTP Professional is a best ftp software.

LionFTP Pro is a standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client application for Windows Sockets.Fully uses Winsock-2 optimizations for best performanceUpload, Download and FXP with Resume capability,Rename, Make and Remove Directory.Move/Rename and Delete File.Secure Transfers (SSL/TLS) ,IPv4 and IPv6 ,SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, SOCKS5, HTTP Proxy Support,RFC 959, 1123 and 1579 compliant,Fully uses Winsock-2 optimizations for best performance.more...

Program Name Axoio LionFtp Pro 2006
Version 1.1,51010
File Size (Bytes) 2275409
Release Date 2005-10-25
Price 19.95
License Shareware

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Program Categories: FTP

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