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Version: 3.0.3

Secure script-driven FTP client with support for COM/OLE, SSH, SSL, and PGP

Secure script-driven Windows FTP client with 100+ commands supporting normal FTP and 128-bit SSL and SSH secure servers. Features iintegrated PGP encryption/decryption. Also features integrated e-mail, ZIP archive support, COM/OLE, single command file synchronization. Utility provided to install Robo-FTP as a service on NT class PCs. Script file wizard provided to build basic scripts by following simple "file in the blank" style prompting.

Program Name Robo-FTP
Version 3.0.3
File Size (Bytes) 12965328
Release Date 2006-08-11
Price 149.99
License Commercial

Program Keywords: script-driven,unattended,ftpclient,batch,filetransfer,ftp,automated,secure,SSH,SSL,SFTP,FTPS,PGP

Program Categories: FTP

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