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OutDisk FTP for Outlook

OutDisk FTP for Outlook
Version: 1.5.4

With OutDisk for Outlook, big file attachments won't bounce your emails. Try it!

Having trouble with big file attachments bouncing your Outlook email messages? You need OutDisk for Outlook!OutDisk is the easiest way to share big files through email. Just choose the file(s) you want to send using the OutDisk toolbar button. OutDisk will automatically upload your files to an ftp server and insert the links into your email. OutDisk's simple interface is easy and powerful. Also zips and encrypts. Free trial!

Program Name OutDisk FTP for Outlook
Version 1.5.4
File Size (Bytes) 5287278
Release Date 2006-08-05
Price 59.99
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Outlook, ftp, zip, file compression, encryption, email, plug-in, add-in, upload files, big files, send files, large files

Program Categories: FTP

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