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EmFTP Professional

EmFTP Professional
Version: 2.01

EmFTP is an easy-to-use, high-quality FTP/SFTP client software.

EmFTP Professional is an easy-to-use, high quality FTP/SFTP client. It features SFTP using SSH, Quick Connect Bar, Filter Feature, FTP Fast Transfer using mulitple threads, permission change, and automatic permission settings. It also features Explorer-like look and feel, and robust and responsive operation. EmFTP can work well with EmEditor, the text editor for Windows.

Program Name EmFTP Professional
Version 2.01
File Size (Bytes) 623010
Release Date 2005-04-12
Price 39.99
License Shareware

Program Keywords: ftp, FTP, download, SFTP, FTP client, SFTP client, download FTP, synchronize

Program Categories: FTP

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