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Catfood FTP

Catfood FTP
Version: 2.00.0070a

Catfood FTP (CFTP) is a rich command-line FTP tool.

Catfood FTP (CFTP) is a rich command-line FTP tool that is well suited to updating web sites. CFTP supports transferring entire directory structures while automatically determining whether each file should be transferred in text or binary mode. Archive mode will only upload content that has been modified since the last transfer. It is also possible to transfer a single file and specify non-standard ports on the server.

Program Name Catfood FTP
Version 2.00.0070a
File Size (Bytes) 535162
Release Date 2001-07-22
Price 0.00
License Freeware

Program Keywords: ftp, command, console, chmod, port, proxy, automatic

Program Categories: FTP

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